A Georgia consortium of premier health insurance agents

Our mission is to be an organization inspired by vision, driven by innovation, and underpinned by values. Through a collective thinking model, our members are empowered with the right information, products, and resources to provide effective solutions in areas of Employee Benefits, Human Resources Consulting, and Senior Products.

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  • Complete Market Analysis
  • Best-in-Class Plan Design
  • Cost Management Strategies
  • Specialty Programs
  • Innovative Pricing Solutions
  • Insurance Carrier Negotiation
  • Benchmarking & Program Analysis
  • Claims Analysis & Underwriting
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Concierge Customer Service
  • Experienced Agents
  • Responsive Support Staff


  • HRIS Branded for your Business
  • Paperless Employee Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Custom Benefits Marketplace
  • Virtual Plan Coach
  • Electronic Benefit Enrollment
  • Intra-Office Communication
  • Performance Review Tracking
  • Data Transfers to Insurance and Payroll
  • Insurance Bill Reconciliation
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Document Library


  • Benefits Compliance
  • ACA Tracking and Reporting
  • Compliance Training
  • Section 125 Administration
  • HSA/HRA Support
  • HIPAA Consulting
  • COBRA Management
  • ERISA & 5500 Forms
  • SBCs and Wrap Documents
  • Life Event Management
  • Searchable Compliance Database
  • Real-Time Compliance Updates
our services

About GA Health Agents Agency

The GA Health Agents Agency (GHAA) is a collaboration of premier health insurance experts who transform the complexities of employee benefits, Human Resources consulting, and senior products into practical, measurable solutions, custom-designed with our clients in mind.

A Georgia consortium of top employee benefit agency owners throughout Georgia, our members are focused on innovation around each client interaction. We generate and validate ideas through a process of collective thinking and experience. The consortium’s work integrates market research, emerging industry trends and vendor relationships.

We are a group of diverse, experienced, and award-winning professionals, who are passionate about providing the best benefits to the clients we serve. Our members pass an extensive vetting process and maintain adherence to the GA Health Agents Agency’s ethical guidelines, shared philosophies, core values, and professional standards.

Leveraging an innovative perspective bundled with best-in-class products, cutting-edge technology, subject matter expert consulting, and concierge customer service, we strive to perform with excellence and authenticity. The result is an operational model that lowers the cost curve, improves organizational efficiency, and promotes customer success.


Our Subject Matter Experts

Ask our member who has testified twice at the U.S. Congress a question about the direction of healthcare. Discuss an employee engagement idea with a former Director of Human Resources. Get advice from a senior product specialist about retiree healthcare options.

It’s our team of subject matter experts that makes the difference to your employee benefits and human capital management strategies. We ask the right questions and really listen to your answers to provide insightful, transparent consulting.



The GA Health Agents Agency (GHAA) is the brainchild of Victoria Braden, Erica Dumpel and Al Schiebel, who recognized the potential opportunities in the insurance industry as the ACA/Obamacare legislation was being implemented. In 2012, the three created GHAA as a legal entity to offer independent health insurance agencies a place to share resources and information. With the evolution of ACA/Obamacare, it became evident that smaller agencies would need to combine resources to maintain the knowledge and tools necessary to deliver the level of service that distinguishes them from their larger counterparts.

GHAA was created with the idea that we are stronger together, and over the past 9 years it has grown to include eight individually owned and managed agencies. Through our monthly master mind sessions, formal coaching, and serial learning approach, our agencies are able to access the most current technology and analyze innovative trends, culminating in cutting edge strategies and sustainable solutions for our clients.